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Project Relocation

Project relocation is unthinkable without good preparation. Consultation with all stakeholders is of great importance. A clear roadmap accurately reflects what everyone wants and how much time it takes. Crystal clear quotations, fully specified with precise objectives and quality criteria. We leave nothing to chance. Van der Ent Top Movers is in possession of the certificate Project Professional Movers (PPV). This certification ensures that we are equipped to carry out project moves such as large and complex business relocation, nursing homes, museums, laboratories and schools.

Clearing old location

If you leave your current location you need to leave the premise in original condition. Van der Ent Top Movers can assist you by removing individual elements such as carpets, partitions and ceilings. The remaining inventory can be sold or disposed of in a environmentally responsible way.

Complete Service

More than just moving! Do you need extra support around your move then look at our many possibilities. Thanks to our experience in private and business removals we know your needs.

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ICT Services

As a specialized service provider Van der Ent TopMovers offers you an integrated concept for expertly relocating your IT equipment. First close contact occurs between your system administrator and our IT team. The equipment is disconnected in consultation with the system administrator, and the network is closed. The specially trained removal team removes cabling CPU cabinets, monitors, keyboards, and other equipment and puts the equipment in special computer boxes. At the new workplace the equipment is then connected and tested for performance.


More than delivery of your products!  We can provide the cross docking, order picking and delivery service. Thanks to our years of experience and national coverage we are able to meet your needs. Thanks to one point of contact we work more efficiently and cost effectively.


If you need extra space because you are moving, remodeling or emigrating? We offer you an ultra-modern way to safely store your inventory.

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