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European Relocation

If you are moving within Europe you can rely on our years of expertise. Your furniture will be packed, loaded and unloaded at your destination in the spaces which you specified. The unpacking and disassembling of furniture also belongs to the possibilities.
With weekly combinations to Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy and England, you are assured of a quick handling of your move.

During transport your cargo is always guaranteed through the CMR &  AVVV conditions.

Overseas Relocations

If Europe is still too close for you we can relocate you to the other side of the ocean.
Through our global FIDI network, we are able to safely transport your household goods to the other side of the world.
Because of the centered location of our company nearby the Port of Rotterdam, we are able to handle all by our self.
Also Air cargo is one of the possibilities. Of course, this also requires good preparation and planning.


If you need extra space because you are moving, renovating or emigrating? We offer you an ultra-modern way to safely store your inventory.

Relocation service

To come to the Netherlands a work visa is necessary. Once this is done, arranging housing is your next challenge or which school will my children go to, who is the best dentist in the area, where is the supermarket and at which bank I can open an account. All these questions are familiar to us and very explainable, however, as a newcomer it is a tough job. From arrival to departure, we will gladly assist you.

Complete Service

More than just moving! Do you need extra support around your move then look at our many possibilities. Thanks to our experience in private and business removals we know your needs.

Tax Free

If you are moving to a country outside the EU, then before you go you are entitled to buy goods in the Netherlands tax-free, provided such goods are not used in the Netherlands first, but are transported directly to your new address.

However, tax-free buying is subject to all kinds of rules and procedures.  Van der Ent has been working for years and years with International Distributors. ID knows better than anyone else the right way to go about buying all your household effects, furniture and a lot more tax-free.

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